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(Summary description)Using shape memory alloys as radial materials can also increase the load-bearing capacity of tires.

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1.The use of shape memory alloys as radial materials can also increase the load-bearing capacity of tires. Compared with traditional tires, the "superelastic tire" reduces the possibility of tire burst and thus improves driving safety. In addition, the design of the tire reduces the demand for the inner frame, which helps to simplify the tire assembly and reduce the weight of the tire. Moreover, it can also reduce the energy transferred to the vehicle when it is in operation.


2.The automobile temperature controller automatically adjusts the amount of water entering the radiator according to the temperature of cooling water, and changes the circulation range of water, so as to adjust the cooling capacity of the cooling system and ensure that the engine works in the appropriate temperature range. In the existing technology, the automobile temperature controller is controlled by the thermal expansion and cold contraction of paraffin wax, which has the problems of lagging action and easy melting in processing. If the memory alloy spring is used to open and close the thermostat, all the problems will be solved, which is very convenient.


3.Installing energy storage devices on automobile brakes can recycle waste energy for the next acceleration. In this way, it can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also benefit environmental protection and reduce exhaust emissions and noise. The energy storage element of the device can be made by SMA, which can store the mechanical energy allowed by the strain value of the hyperelastic material SMA.

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