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Field of Life
Shape memory alloy spring (temperature control spring) can be used to control the water temperature of the bathroom water pipe: When the hot water temperature is too high, the water supply pipe can be adjusted by the "memory" function to avoid burns.
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Aeronautics and Astronautics
Shape memory alloys can be used in Aeronautics and space devices. They can be used as cryogenic fittings in the hydraulic system of military aircraft. They can also be used to make lunar antennas to explore the mysteries of the universe.
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Mechanical and Electronics
The main applications in electronic series are memory alloy headphone bracket, memory alloy headphone wire, micro spring, thermal drive wire, artificial muscle, etc.
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Biomedical Fields
TiNi shape memory alloys for medical applications should not only utilize their shape memory effect or superelasticity, but also meet the requirements of chemistry and biology.
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Architecture Fields
The potential of using NiTi shape memory alloy as sound insulation material and detecting seismic damage control in engineering and construction has been demonstrated.
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Automobile Fields
Using shape memory alloys as radial materials can also increase the load-bearing capacity of tires.
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