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How does shape memory work?

How does shape memory work?

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How does shape memory work?

(Summary description)Have you noticed that a tiny metal titanium spring has quietly changed our lives, bringing great convenience and comfort to our lives.

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Have you noticed that a tiny metal titanium spring has quietly changed our lives, bringing great convenience and comfort to our lives.

The development of metal springs has a long history, first existing in the Bronze Age. With the development of human society, metal springs are active in people's daily life due to their toughness, torsion resistance, flex resistance and long-term preservation. In the 14th century, precision springs made precision springs inevitable for the first time.


The advent of the industrial era in the eighteenth century made metal springs develop rapidly. In modern times, the production of springs has risen sharply. Metal springs have also evolved from the basic elastic functions originally possessed and developed springs with different characteristics and uses.


The connection between metals is a metal bond. One metal can be reorganized and improved with another metal to derive new functions. For example, nickel-titanium alloy (NITI), it has a function that general springs do not have-shape memory function. Nitinol is a type of shape memory alloy. The spring made of it can show different states under different water temperatures through the shape memory effect. If you put it in hot water, the length of the spring will immediately stretch, and if you put it in cold water, it will immediately restore its shape.


Due to these characteristics of the nickel-titanium shape memory alloy itself, it has been widely used in aerospace, electronics, medical, construction, automotive, and daily life.


Aerospace: Shape memory alloy titanium alloy springs are used in aerospace and space devices. They can be used in low-temperature mating connections in the hydraulic system of military aircraft. They can also be used to manufacture lunar antennas that explore the mysteries of the universe. People use shape memory alloys in high temperature environments. Make the antenna well, and then compress it into a small iron ball at low temperature to reduce its volume to one thousandth of the original, so that it can be easily transported to the moon, and the strong radiation of the sun restores it to its original shape. Send valuable cosmic information back to Earth on demand. In addition, a shape memory release device is used in the satellite to open a container to protect sensitive germanium detectors from contamination during assembly and launch.


Electronics field: Titanium alloy springs are mainly used in electronic series for memory alloy earphone brackets and memory alloy earphone cables, which have the following advantages: super elasticity, elastic wear is 8 times that of stainless steel; temperature-sensitive memory, memory alloy earphones The thread is very soft when the temperature is below 5 degrees, and can be deformed at will. When the temperature rises to the body temperature of the human body, the material will automatically return to its original shape and have a strong elasticity; the material has been tested and tested by the SGS standard The result complies with the EU's RoHS directive, and does not contain cadmium, mercury, and hexavalent chromium. This material is very light and has a density of only 6.54g / cm3. This material is resistant to acid and alkali, has stronger corrosion resistance and longer life long.


Medical field: NITI memory alloy titanium alloy spring is used in the medical field. In addition to its shape memory effect or super elasticity, it also has good biocompatibility. NITI can form a stable passivation film with organisms. In medicine, the main applications of NITI alloys are: orthodontic wires, scoliosis orthopedics, and in addition, NITI shape memory alloys are used in surgery to make various bone connectors, vascular clips, coagulation filters, and vasodilators. It is also widely used in stomatology, orthopedics, cardiovascular, thoracic surgery, hepatobiliary, urology, gynecology, etc. With the development of shape memory, medical applications will become more widespread.


Construction: The potential for using NITI shape memory alloy titanium alloy springs as sound insulation materials and detecting seismic damage control in the engineering and construction fields has been shown. Applications in bridges and buildings have been tested, so applications as sound insulation materials and detection of damage control have become a new area of ​​application.


Automotive industry: The use of nickel-titanium alloy temperature-controlled titanium alloy springs at a certain temperature can effectively control the temperature of the car water tank and prevent its explosion. When the car runs on the highway for a long time and the temperature of the water tank is too high, the thermostat installed on the sensitive part of the water tank will automatically close the water tank valve, start the fan inside the water tank, and cool the water in the water tank, so that the car can be on the highway Safe driving for a long time plays a safety role in protecting the car engine.


Life area:


The shape memory alloy titanium alloy spring can be used to control the water temperature of the bathroom water pipe: When the hot water temperature is too high, the "memory" function can be used to adjust or close the water supply pipe to avoid burns.


Can be made into fire alarm device and safety device for electrical equipment. When a fire occurs, the titanium alloy spring made of memory alloy deforms, and the fire alarm device is activated to achieve the purpose of alarm.


The titanium alloy spring made of memory alloy can be placed in the valve of the heating to maintain the temperature of the heating room. When the temperature is too low or too high, the valve of the heating is automatically opened or closed.


Assembling the NITI alloy titanium alloy spring on the nose bridge and ears of the eyeglass frame can make people feel comfortable and resistant to wear. The super-elastic NITI alloy wire is used as the eyeglass frame. Even if the lens is thermally expanded, the shape-memory alloy wire can hold the lens by the constant force of super-elasticity. The spectacle frames made of these super-elastic alloys are very deformable, but ordinary spectacle frames cannot.


Nitinol shape memory alloy titanium alloy spring, known as "a magical functional material." In the future, nickel-titanium-shaped alloy titanium alloy springs will be more and more applied to our daily life, bringing great convenience to our lives.

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