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Application of memory alloy in sanitary ware industry

The earliest hot and cold water mixers were double-handle mixers. The user needs to turn the knob to control the inflow of cold water and hot water, and mix them into warm water with the required temperature. The second-generation hot and cold water mixer is a single-lever mixer, the core of which is a ceramic chip temperature control valve core, and the user can swing the handle to adjust the mixing. Add water temperature and handle swing up and down to adjust the amount of water

Introduction to memory alloy

Shape memory alloy (SMA) has been widely used in clinical medical fields, such as artificial bones, bone fixation and compression devices, orthodontic devices, various endoluminal stents, embolization devices, cardiac repair, thrombus filters, interventional guidance and surgery Suture, etc. SMA plays an irreplaceable role in modern medicine. Memory alloys are also closely related to our daily lives.
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